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1 out of 4 Americans believe something bad will happen to them if they sneeze.

4 out of 5 doctors recommend eating a diet low in carbs, high in bran and Styrofoam, extremely low in grass-roots organizing and middle of the range in tofu that resembles the President of the United States.

Percentage of Americans who favor the white candies in a box of Good ‘N Plenty over the pinks: 60%. Percentage who favor the pink over the whites: 30%. Percentage that have combined the pink and whites into one super candy in their basement laboratories: 10%.

According to 8 out of 10 marriage counselors, the best way to avoid loneliness is to marry someone who shares your fear of loneliness. Divorce is statically unavoidable in these situations, about 1.6 trillion to one, but at least you can say that you were married once.

Percentage of Americans who can engage in a meaningful conversation regarding the fact that the space/time continuum is currently caught in an endless loop: 7%. Percentage of Americans who can engage in a meaningful conversation regarding the fact that the space/time continuum is currently caught in an endless loop: 7%.

Rank of injuries―fork plunged into hand, hot coffee thrown in face, nagging feeling that you’ve “made a mistake” which over several years develops into a crippling feeling of regret―among those sustained after ending a long relationship with the following sentences: “I love you, I’m just not in love with you.”, “I guess I was never really in love with you after all, it was just bad indigestion.” and “I’ve been transferred to Siberia.” while sitting in a booth at a crowded Bob’s Big Boy: 1, 2, 3.

Number of scientists surveyed at the annual Science Extravaganza in Cannes, France who agree that dinosaurs did not die out 65 million years ago, but actually retired, migrated from the Earth in extra-large Winnebagos and are now living in spacious assisted living communities on Mars: 100 out of 100.

Half of all movie stars who make over five million dollars per picture report that they are not satisfied with their lives and believe that Llamas are happier, more productive individuals; except, of course, Julia Roberts, who recently announced in a press conference that she is in fact a Llama pretending to be a movie star.

At one time 85% of physicians in this country concurred that swimming on a full stomach was dangerous. This conclusion was then revised; 90% of physicians advising people to swim on a full stomach. More recently however, 79% of physicians strongly recommend that you eat a full meal, begin swimming and then induce vomiting while swimming, especially if you are in a pool belonging to a neighbor that you despise.

Nearly 57 % of all urban legends are completely untrue. The rest have some basis in fact. And, by the way, that phone call you received a couple of minutes ago advising you to “check on the children”, it was coming from inside your house! Get out, get out of there NOW!

Number of times that Dick Clark’s clone has hosted “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve” since Dick Clark’s death: 12

Approximately 1/2 of all Americans over the age of thirty still believe in the boogeyman, while 3/4 of American children under the age of 12 no longer believe that the Dollar can compete against the Yen.

9 out of 10 survival experts polled suggest that if you’re on a camping trip in the Pacific Northwest and are approached by Bigfoot, that you not run, or act erratically. Rather, you should remain calm and consume a standard automotive spark plug. If none are available, redirect your stated goals in life to include more interaction with those you loathe/pity/desire. Play hopscotch. Bathe in pickled herring. The latter options will also work in the event that you are approached by the Loch Ness Monster or any reality TV star.

96% of people surveyed agree that you should never look a gift horse in the mouth because they’re liable to bite your face off.

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Lester Bester is from the old-school of entertainers, like Sid Ceasar, and Groucho Marks; he’s an MC, a comedian. He is suave and cool even when he’s sweaty. Lester’s history is steeped in Vaudeville, and burlesque and variety comedy shows.

More on Lester soon…


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Happy Halloween!


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Hey, I’ve got a great blurb on one of the best literary sites out there, Maud Newton! There’s a link to the Catalouge in the “remainders” section of the site (sidebar). 

Maud’s writing is always thoughtful, incredibly articulate and a pure joy to read. It’s smart, savvy writing for anyone interested in books and the process of writing in general. If you are not already a fan of this site, then you MUST GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND CHECK IT OUT…NOW! I’ll still be here.

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That’s right, Scott Brothers and his Catalogue of Curiosities has a new masthead and new look! What does this mean to you, the average Internet pedestrian? Nothing really! Enjoy!

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Like the Queen Mary and the Titanic before it, this Website is about to set sail on a fantastic journey that will undoubtedly yield a vast mother-load of untold riches, riches much like those of multi-millionaires who dive into dollar sign-shaped swimming pools containing water sprinkled with a fine gold dust (if you don’t believe me look at any Richie Rich comic book).

Unlike other websites, however, I don’t sell wicker furniture, although at one time I did own a crocheted vest that seemed to invoke the very powers of the devil. I don’t have a MySpace page, nor do I have any plans on getting one in the future, I’ll leave that to people under 25 years of age, or people who wish that they were under 25 years of age but are, in reality, 43 and desperately alone, living in their parents basement, playing Supertramp over and over, wondering where it all went wrong. I know of no magic potions that will enhance the size of your penis (or your vagina, as the case may be) nor do I know the best way to consolidate your debt by buying muskrats in bulk. 

That said, there are wonders to be had here, most of which involve apes of various pelt-grades.


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