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Well, it has been a while, a long while since I posted anything. But, as they say, posting is like learning to ride a bike, you always land on your face. No, that wasn’t it. Maybe it’s like driving off a cliff on a bike with a rocket engine on it.  Anyhow, in the last few months I’ve been busy launching a new portfolio site, which you can find on Tumblr, The Art and Illustration of Scott Brothers. It’s all kinds of swanky, and has all my latest personal illustrations as well as work from my professional career in games. Who knew you could have a professional career in games? And I thought Pitfall was just some really cool game you could play on the Atari 5200. Stop by and look around, won’t you?

I’ve also joined multitude of amazingly talented artists over at Planet Pulp. If you’re not familiar with this particular blog, they host a new online gallery show every month revolving around an icon of popular culture. This month’s show is dedicated to non other than the Man of Steel himself, Dick Cavet! No actually, that’s Superman, the working man’s Dick Cavet. Deciding what to do was fairly easy, even though I realized I haven’t drawn Superman since I was a wee lad (yes, I just befeifly became an Irish street urchin from James Joyce’s The Dubliners). I love the various Superman spin-off series from the 50s and 60s, like Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane. The covers were always the most amazing part of the comic book, alluding to some ridiculous scenario inside that never really was as good as the cover. Below is my take on those spin-offs, with the little known Superman’s Beatnik Neighbor Daddy-O. I think it only ran for a few issues.


And in even cooler news, I’ll be apart of Planet Pulp’s gallery show called RED. It will be at the famed Hero Complex Gallery in LA opening July 5th. If you’re in La La Land during this time, drop by and take a look, there will be some amazing pieces on display. I’ll have more info on this as the show gets underway in a couple of weeks.

And finally here is a comic ad I did for the mobile game I was art lead on, Samurai vs. Zombies: Defense 2.


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Summer days at the beach may be a fading memory for 2012, but here’s one last post before The Catalogue of Curiosities heads into the fall and of course our annual month-long nod to all things Halloween: A pin-up page from Bettie Page’s Frolicking Funnies comic book. This was, of course, an homage to the amazing pin-up pages created by Dan DeCarlo for countless comics, including My Friend Irma and Archie.

So long summer…

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Robert Pollard generates musical obsessions. Compact, blistering, hook-laden, abstractly wonderful musical obsessions that recall the greatest of rock and roll pedigrees: The Beatles, The Who, David Bowie, R.E.M., Devo (but the sound, the unmistakeable sound, is all his own). I call them musical obsessions because those die-hard fans of Pollard’s original and recently reformed band, Guided By Voices, and every other side-project and solo work he has produced, inspires an obssevive, nearly fever-pitch devotion. Hundreds of songs to hunt down and collect and listen to, the next dozen or so always on the horizon. Keeping up is half the fun.

Pollard’s latest full-time band, The Boston Spaceships, which includes Chris Slusarenko (Guided By Voices) and John Moen (The Decemberists, Dharma Bums) have been quickly creating a catalog of memorable records. Their last album, Our Cubehouse Still Rocks, contained some of the best material Pollard has written in years and the upcoming double album, Let It Beard, promises to be even better.

Above is a comic book ad for a line of Magical Musical Beard Kits inspired by Let It Beard. How do they work? What do they sound like? Who knows…

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 What’s better than comic book ads? Monster-themed comic book ads! Here are a few I recently dug up


 What if Mr. Bones hangs out all year long? When does creepy and horrifying simply become sad and pathetic?


What a great idea! Inviting my friends over and throwing on a record that tells them they are going to die one by one! I wish I had thought of this years ago!

These costumes are supposedly flame-retardant, but no one said anything about being retarded-retardant. I can smell the stale stench of plastic sweat even now!

 Anything with characters named “Jack the Nipper” and “Draculass” has to be good.

 A Moon Monster? What the hell is a Moon Monster? It looks like Dick Cavet after a bender.

 Didn’t I see this thing in a Brady Bunch episode? Watch out kids, especially if you have high-strung maids that are dating maladjusted family butchers.

 This one has lawsuit written all over it. A giant “Life-Sized” Frankenstein that you could use to scare the crap out of friends, and or parents who won’t give into your demands for more Sea-Monkeys. And then there’s Boney the Skelton. He looks as if some other bone has recently risen as well! (Cue laugh track) Of course, you get your money back if you’re not sufficiently horrified.

This ad is just plain creepy. It looks like some kid from a religous commune/cult is ushering a midget dressed in a Frankenstein costume to his doom. “Frankenstein worried…”

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These are two are on the list of my all-time favorite comic books ads (actually seeing in writing that I have a list of favorite comic book ads is somewhat alarming). I loved them as a kid, but didn’t realize until much later that they were the work of the amazing Jack Davis.

The thought of eating a Slim Jim may be utterly repulsive but these ads make me squeal with delight.

BTW: Check out Monster Kid Online Magazine for more of Jack Davis’ monster-themed work!

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