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Ed Benedict’s character designs are simply wonderful. They are so disnticnvtive, and funny and alive. He has great command of combining angular/curvy designs without going too far in either direction. He even does thick and thin line work at the pencil/sketch stage! Holy crud, what a madman!

Much of his work laid the foundation for the look of many Hanna Barbera’s most famous characters. You can still see the impact of his design all over Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Yet he is relatively unknown outside of the industry, and tends to get discarded in favor of character designers from Disney. I would love to see a book completely devoted to the wonderful work of Ed Benedict, with tons of interviews because the guy sounds so curmudgeonly! I’d pay top dollar, I tells ya!

The following interview conducted by John K appeared in a laser disk version release of the Flintstones.






Here’s an appreciation of Ed Benedict by John K that appeared in Animation Blast Magazine…








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Lucky Duck


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Doofus MaGee


                   Dick Dickerly


                  Guido the Squid


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Harvey Kurtzman was not only the founder and editor of Mad magazine (as well as Help!, Humbug and Trump), a master of American satire, but he was also an amazing cartoonist in his own right. He had great instinct for composition and layout (he always did the layouts for his artists). A newly launched site, The Little World of Harvey Kurtzman, is devoted to some amazing covers as well interior pages from a bevy of magazines he helped produce. Some of the pages he art directed on, some he wrote and illustrated. Along with quotes from Kurtzman himself as well as critics and other artiist, this site is a great resource for any Kurtzman fan. Check it out here:

And don’t miss out on the blog, Those Fabouloius Fiftes which has been publishing pages from Help! as well as a bulk of work that Kurtzman did for magazines like Madison Avenue Magazine.

And if that wasn’t enough, this winter, Fantagraphics will finally be publishing all 11 issues of Humbug in a two volume slipcase hardcover set. This is not to be missed by fans of Kurtzman, Will Elder, Jack Davis and Al Jaffe. Fantagraphics is going to great lengths to reproduce the art from those issues. Check out those lengths here. Hey, I said lengths again.

Meanwhile, here are a few pages from Harvey Kurtzman’s outstanding magazine work, including the likes of Esquire and Madison Avenue Magazine.













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