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Happy Halloween!


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In a previous post I refereed to the existence of a Werehobo, a creature so fascinating I have devoted a portion of my time that would have otherwise gone to buying Harry Potter fan art on EBay, to tracking this intriguing creature. Although Wikipedia has seperate entries for Werewolves and Hobos, it has nothing for the elusive Werehobo (those misinformed, sexless bastards at Wikipedia will stop at nothing to exclude the wonderful Werehobo!).

So where does the WereHobo fit into the greater lexicon of urban myths and or legends? Is it like the Bigfoot, possibly real according to some hippie-loving, tree-fucking nut-jobs in the northwest, or more like the Fiji Mermaid, begun in the collective imagination as a beautiful siren of the deep, but soon revealed as the corpse of a monkey sewn to the corpse of a chipmunk sewn to the corpse of FDR. Maybe not so beautiful, but intriguing nonetheless.

Once thought to be merely the figment of the rambling imagination of Sloppy One-Eyed Joe, a Hobo from the Baltimore area who was once named King of the Hoboes by Hobos and Boxcar Monthlymagazine, Werehobos have actually been seen by several people, some of whom hear voices other than the ones in their heads. The documentation of these sightings is mixed at best, however. Most is written on toilet paper or, in one case, on the back flap of the hardback edition of Rich Little’s scathing autobiography, “I Am Me But Not Me: A Life In Hollywood Without Myself”.

I have seen photographic evidence of the WereHobo, although, frankly, it’s hard to tell the difference between an actual Hobo and a WereHobo. The WereHobo begins as a normal, employable member of society. Then, at the sight of the full moon, they transform into a full-fledged Hobo, running amok, shaking their fists and collecting tin cans, all of which is slightly dissapointing, I must confess, as I was expecting to see a cross between a hobo and werewolf. You know more like Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp character but with lots of hair and a prepensaty for going out on moonlit nights and biting people on the ass, then asking for directions to the nearest “Hooverville”. 



So, yes it’s true, while I have never seen a Werehobo in person, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It’s like the tree falling in the forest: does it make a sound? Or just because Bill O’Riley is usually sans a giant seething ass-face in public, doesn’t mean that at night, in the lonely confines of his fortified underground bunker that he peels away his fake face to reveal an ass-face whereupon he proceeds to lick his gaping maw/rectum over and over again, telling himself in the mirror to “Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up!”, while a Barry Goldwater speech from 1964 loops endlessly on his bunker’s wide-screen.

So it would seem that I am at a standstill in regards to “outing” an actual Werehobo. But I tell you this: I will not let the Werehobo slip into the not-so-loving embrace of footnoted hell! If something as asinine as the Chupacabra can be recognized by half-witted Cryptozoology  community at large, then why not the Werehobo? While not at sexy as the Yeti, the Werehobo still has an allure; a somewhat stinky, conniving, thieving allure, but an allure non-the-less. Like Phyllis Diller, but with pants made from a potato sack and sans that wonderful, bourbon-soaked voice.

Stay-tuned for Part Two of this investigative feature, “Werehobo: Fact, Fiction or Potential Canasta Partner”, wherein I board a cruise ship for chain-smoking retirees, “The Floating Bypass”, in hopes of tracking a Werehobo that allegedlystowed away on the ship. Could this same Werehobo be behind the mysterious pool of urination always found on the shuffle board area just after the ship’s famous Morning Jog In Velvet Track Suits Around the Aloha Deck? Could he be the one stealing all of the cocktail shrimp from the all-you-can-eat buffet? Find out! Soon! Seriously!


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 What’s better than comic book ads? Monster-themed comic book ads! Here are a few I recently dug up


 What if Mr. Bones hangs out all year long? When does creepy and horrifying simply become sad and pathetic?


What a great idea! Inviting my friends over and throwing on a record that tells them they are going to die one by one! I wish I had thought of this years ago!

These costumes are supposedly flame-retardant, but no one said anything about being retarded-retardant. I can smell the stale stench of plastic sweat even now!

 Anything with characters named “Jack the Nipper” and “Draculass” has to be good.

 A Moon Monster? What the hell is a Moon Monster? It looks like Dick Cavet after a bender.

 Didn’t I see this thing in a Brady Bunch episode? Watch out kids, especially if you have high-strung maids that are dating maladjusted family butchers.

 This one has lawsuit written all over it. A giant “Life-Sized” Frankenstein that you could use to scare the crap out of friends, and or parents who won’t give into your demands for more Sea-Monkeys. And then there’s Boney the Skelton. He looks as if some other bone has recently risen as well! (Cue laugh track) Of course, you get your money back if you’re not sufficiently horrified.

This ad is just plain creepy. It looks like some kid from a religous commune/cult is ushering a midget dressed in a Frankenstein costume to his doom. “Frankenstein worried…”

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Here’s some great examples of monster-themed comic book covers. My criteria was basically covers that had interesting/striking compositions, displayed solid draftsmanship, telegraphed strong atmopshere and theme, and were just plain fun to look at because they are so odd in their presnentation (some of course have all four). The greats are also included in this gallery of covers: Jack Davis, Frank Frazetta and Wally Wood.

If anyone else has any other examples of monster-themed comic covers send them my way!

















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These are two are on the list of my all-time favorite comic books ads (actually seeing in writing that I have a list of favorite comic book ads is somewhat alarming). I loved them as a kid, but didn’t realize until much later that they were the work of the amazing Jack Davis.

The thought of eating a Slim Jim may be utterly repulsive but these ads make me squeal with delight.

BTW: Check out Monster Kid Online Magazine for more of Jack Davis’ monster-themed work!

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Better late then never! Look for more ghoulish posts this month.

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Wouldn’t we all love to have our own comic magazine? A place where we can espouse all of our radical, frightening views, establish vendettas against those who have wronged us and draw funny people making inappropriate sounds with their buttocks?!? Well I would! Here’s an ad for a comic magazine I’m working on called YUX.  I have no idea when the first issue will be done, but I can tell you this: the likelihood of Scandinavian Llamas dressed as Teddy Roosevelt and carrying first editions of the Marquis de Sade’s “Getting the Most Out of Your Ice Cream Maker”, will be very high indeed.



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