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To say that the Muppets, especially the Muppet Show, had a giant impact on my life—particulary early on—would easily be an understatement, and the fact that everyone I know (and I mean, everyone I know) that is my age, have the same affection, the same utter reverence for Jim Henson’s amazing, hilarious, unmistakable , everlastingly wonderful creations, goes without saying. So when I was asked to take part in the third instalment of the continuing gallery show, Muppet Rawk, within which the animated, colorful lives of the Muppets collide with rock music, more specifically album covers, I was thrilled, and slightly nervous. Actually really nervous. The past couple of shows were amazing: bursting with creative, funny pieces created by artists who I admire and have worked with for years. This is also my first gallery show, so my expectations of the gallery “experience” were all over the board. Most of all, I was just happy to be participating (my thanks goes out to good friend and fellow Muppet-Rawker, Lawrence Ruelos, who put the show together and asked me to submit a piece).

When it came to choosing the album to “cover” that was somewhat straightforward for me. Because the show was in October, I wanted to create something Halloween/horror-themed, and what better band to fulfill this mandate than the Misfits (well, maybe the Cramps) and their groundbreaking album Walk Among Us.

This was indeed a surreal experience, seeing one of my prints hanging in a gallery.

Opening night was packed, with pieces selling in a matter of a couple of hours.

An honored guest overseeing the event.

Stay tuned for Part Two…

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