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What’s better than a super villain-busting Robot/Monster/Superhero? Buddy Hackett, maybe?

For Planet Pulp’s Robot Month Theme.

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This post comes via Mark Christiansen’s blog as well as Yowp (both blogs are inexhaustible resources of 50s-60s era Hanna-Barbera). Apparently a mysterious stranger has recently posted black and white Hanna-Barbera show bumpers on You Tube. With layouts and animation by studio stalwarts like Ed Benedict, Art Lozzi and Ed Love, these bumpers are quick, funny scenarios, highlighting various characters in the Hanna-Barbera stable and packed full of great gags and wonderful compositions. Another highlight of these bumpers: the voice acting of Daws Butler, as everyone from Snagglepuss to Huckleberry Hound and Rojay North as the voice of Mr. Jinks*. Hilarity does indeed ensue.

*UPDATE!: The good folks at YOWP have informed me that it wasn’t Rojay North who did Jinks, but actually Daws Butler. What an amazing range! In fact, YOWP just posted an interesting article on some of the mysteries of who voiced who at Hanna-Barbera.

As a sidenote, I recently ran across the following model sheets that artist Bill Wray had posted, all of which were drawn by the incomparable Ed Benedict. I’m always astounded by Ed’s mastery of shape and design; everything is so thoughtful and pleasing to look at. Plus he indicates the thick/thin lines of the characters even at the pencil stage. The finished versions of the pencils are so clean; they could very well have been final inks.

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