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Although my admiration for Mad Magazine and its artists is well-documented on this site, I realized I had yet to do any post highlighting seminal comic artist, Wally Wood. Possibly the most prolific of the original Mad artists, Wally Wood not only worked with Harvey Kurtzman on Mad and the other Kurtzman satire magazines that would follow, he was a featured artist in dozens of series, as well as a prized journeyman for “Adult Comics”. Wood also self-published a great deal, particurally with one of the first underground comics, Witzend, and then later collecting his own Sally Forth and Cannon strips.

You can find more about Wally Wood and his amazing career over at the blog, Horray For Wally Wood which recently posted original comic pages from the EC short, “My World”. Below is the first page, for the rest of the comic, go to the previously mentioned blog.

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The fine folks over at Cinema Viewfinder just posted the illustration below as part of their David Cronenberg Blogathon. There are already lots of great essays and reviews of Cronenberg’s films, including an insightful essay comparing the original Fly to Cronenberg’s remake.


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       It’s Martini-O’Clock with The Catalogue of Curiosities and Jayne Mansfield

Although not as great a  milestone as say the 500th over at Frankensteinia or Arbogast On Film’s 1,000 posts (my God, man, what are you on?), 200 posts is nothing to sneeze at, so I thought I would at least mark the occasion with nod to the 200 so far and look forward to, well, who knows how many more to come…

In other Catalogue-related news, October is right around the corner and once again I’ll be participating in the Countdown to Halloween blog extravaganza. All month long there will be Horror/Halloween-themed posts to get you ready for the spookarific day.

If that weren’t enough, I’m also participating in the John Carpenter Blogathon October 3-9 over at Radiator Heaven. It’s going to be a blast, so be sure to tune in.

And, this week, the 6-12, Cinema Viewfinder is hosting a David Cronenberg Blogathon which I’ll have a piece in as well. I’ll let you know when it’s been posted.

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Read Part One here…

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