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Heavy Metal Blow-Out



Versions of some guys (RE: Stoners (do they still call them stoners?)) I knew in high school.

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Some doodles from the past week or so.

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Extra! Extra!

Newsboy from the 30s. Ahhh. the good old days: the depression, gangsters, ambitious but vindictive squirrels that manipulate the stock market and date well-meaning but egregiously dressed state department officials, all vying for the public’s unwavering attention and unfettered devotion.


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Make With the Funny!

Lately I’ve been trying to push my drawings even further in terms of construction, shapes, proportions, expressions etc. Obviously, it’s clear from my previous posts that I like drawing characters that are silly/retarded/mentally unstable or just plain weird and I’m always trying to find ways to come up with new character designs/illustrations that formulate some new approach to all of the latter.

Much of this recent output has been the result of pouring over the amazing art of Don Martin, my favorite Mad artist when I was a kid. His stuff is so dynamic and silly, and although he has a definite style and his characters look very similar, especially their faces, all of his comics and illustrations are so outrageous and fun to look at they seem brand new each time. I have been amazed at how much his style has influenced me, especially since I really haven’t looked at his stuff in years.  

Anyhow, the drawings below are a few from my most recent batch of sketches that I felt compelled to ink just because they seemed interesting to me. Although most of them don’t really break out of my “go-to” shape combinations, there was something vaguely appealing to me about each to be inked. I guess the bottom line is that I’m still trying to work out of the rut I’ve been in.




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