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From beyond the grave, everyone’s favorite cool ghoul Horror Host, Zarcherley!

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The ever-present and always fluid tumblr site, Unknown Editors, a blog covering cutting edge visual artists, posted a feature on me yesterday. The site spotlighted a few of my horror-themed pieces, so I thought it would be appropriate to re-post the link during the Countdown. Huzzah and Huzzay!


                                     Detail of the illustration “Take the Monsters Bowling”

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Now that my annual order of motorized coffins and life-sized Zacherley Chia pets have arrived, that can mean only one thing: Halloween is upon us. And like a decrepit, undead friend, we greet the season with much anticipation and large shovels followed axes to the head. This also means, of course, that it’s the 5th Annual Cavalcade of Creepiness at the Catalogue of Curiosities, hosted by yours truly, the Cavalcade Creeper. And don’t forget, as always, this is in conjunction with the month long horror-filled blogathon over at The Countdown to Halloween, a spookfest so amazing, so outrageous, your skin will crawl and your bladder will most likely become completely unreliable.  I will be posting all new illustrations, along with Halloween-themed strangeness over on the Catalogue of Curiosities tumblr site, the latest installments of Halftone Horrors and much more. Be sure to check in all month long as the madness ensues!

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Halloween is here and once again I had a blast contributing month-long posts to the Countdown to Halloween blog-a-thon. I thought I would end the celebration of all things ghoulish and spooky with an illustration featuring Forrest J Ackerman’s vampire from outer space, Vampirella. I also included a vintage comic book version because I couldn’t decide which version I liked better.

Happy Halloween!

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Funny, absurd, schlocky, at times horribly acted, and often downright creepy, William Castle’s 1959 horror opus, The House on Haunted Hill is all these things and more. Certainly my favorite of Castle’s filmography, House is also one of my favorite Vincent Price roles. Price seems to relish playing the ghoulishly smug Frederick Loren, and really, Price is the best thing about the film. His canny knack for pulling off even the most terribly written dialogue is something he brings to every role, and in House on Haunted Hill we see him at his smarmy best, delivering lines with that famous raised eyebrow and  slight smirk.

Above is my own take on a movie poster for the film, using the tag line of “the 13 Greatest Shocks of All Time” that can be seen in many of the newspaper ads for the film.

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