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It’s been awhile since my last art update and to kick off a new round of illustration work is my paperback cover for the trash thriller, The Killing Kiss (1963, by Robert Daly). This was the first novel in the Ginger North series of books. Ginger North, of course, was the sultry private spy/lawyer/CPA who had a knack for taking down Russian bad guys and throwing back a few Martinis.

Below is another version of the cover illustration…


Ginger North, as a character, was loosely based upon British actress Diana Dors, particularly from the publicity stills below…

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I recently found out I was one of the winners of the Draw Parker! contest sponsored by Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog . I’m simply floored by all the really wonderful things Darwyn Cooke had to say about my entry (seen below).  It was cool to see all of the great interpretation’s of Richard Stark’s anti-hero, Parker, and I look forward to reading Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter which is already getting rave reviews.



Also, check out the coverage of the Draw Parker! contest on the Violent World of Parker.

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Here’s my entry into the Draw Parker Contest on the Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog blog. As the kids say, check it out, yo!



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Sophia Macello: Agent Danger is a character I’ve started working on for a secret project. She is an Italian super secret agent in the 1960s. It’s ultra campy, spy-fi stuff, maybe a little surrealistic. I’ve included some live action movies from the 60s that were inspiration in terms of style…


                                                         Alphaville, Jean-Luc Godard



                                                           Danger: Diabolik, Mario Bava



John Phillip Law and Marisa Mell enjoy the fruits of Diabolik's criminal activities.


Modesty Blaise, Joseph Losey



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Vive Di Notte


She Lives by Night  
Once she was the hunter…now she is the hunted!

This was a fun one to do. I wanted to illustrate a book cover that wasn’t exactly a straight up take on an American pulp crime novel cover, but was an amalgamation of several other source materials as well, particularly Italian horror movie posters of the 60s and Fumetti covers (Italian comic books). I like the lurid colors they use in the movie posters (especially those of Mario Bava and Dario Argento), which really reflect they way their movies actually look and feel. (Which is sort of unusual with movie posters that are illustrated; often times, stylistically, they look nothing like the movie they are promoting.)

The name of the fake publishing company, Diabolik, is a nod the the Bava movie Danger: Diabolik.


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