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 What’s better than comic book ads? Monster-themed comic book ads! Here are a few I recently dug up


 What if Mr. Bones hangs out all year long? When does creepy and horrifying simply become sad and pathetic?


What a great idea! Inviting my friends over and throwing on a record that tells them they are going to die one by one! I wish I had thought of this years ago!

These costumes are supposedly flame-retardant, but no one said anything about being retarded-retardant. I can smell the stale stench of plastic sweat even now!

 Anything with characters named “Jack the Nipper” and “Draculass” has to be good.

 A Moon Monster? What the hell is a Moon Monster? It looks like Dick Cavet after a bender.

 Didn’t I see this thing in a Brady Bunch episode? Watch out kids, especially if you have high-strung maids that are dating maladjusted family butchers.

 This one has lawsuit written all over it. A giant “Life-Sized” Frankenstein that you could use to scare the crap out of friends, and or parents who won’t give into your demands for more Sea-Monkeys. And then there’s Boney the Skelton. He looks as if some other bone has recently risen as well! (Cue laugh track) Of course, you get your money back if you’re not sufficiently horrified.

This ad is just plain creepy. It looks like some kid from a religous commune/cult is ushering a midget dressed in a Frankenstein costume to his doom. “Frankenstein worried…”

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These are two are on the list of my all-time favorite comic books ads (actually seeing in writing that I have a list of favorite comic book ads is somewhat alarming). I loved them as a kid, but didn’t realize until much later that they were the work of the amazing Jack Davis.

The thought of eating a Slim Jim may be utterly repulsive but these ads make me squeal with delight.

BTW: Check out Monster Kid Online Magazine for more of Jack Davis’ monster-themed work!

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