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Lester Bester was a comedian who had his own TV program in the late 1950’s early 60’s. It was a variety show called, “It’s the Show, With Lester Bester”. It followed the same tradition of “Your Show of Shows” etc.

He began his career as a  young kid working during the dying years of  theVaudeville, and continued honing his routine in dive bars and burlesque houses throughout the 40s and 50s.

Lester met Stubbs when he was finally lured out to Hollywood to pursue dreams of working in TV.

Lester is sort of a Woody Allen character crossed with Sid Ceasar, with a little dash of Jerry Stiller.





Lester’s sidekick was Stubbs the Cat, a woman-crazy, chain-smoking, hard-drinking alley cat in the tradition of Dean Martin. Stubbs is the “straight-man”.


Here are a couple pieces of memorabilia surrounding this comedy duo.


 Lester’s comedy album from 1958, “Shleping Over to Shmendrick” which was released two years before his TV variety show aired.



 A page from the “Stubbs the Cat” comic book.





Here’s an early version of Lester from last year:



Below are various sketches and designs focusing on the two main characters. There will be many more characters that work in an around the show. 












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Making Strangers Laugh


Paul Merrill, a buddy of mine and a nationally renowned comedian, will be headlining a show this Friday, March 21st. I did the poster. And although Paul doesn’t usually have a giant red nose like the one pictured above, he does however have one when he’s drunk, or when he has transformed into Jimmy Durante, or a WereHobo (it’s a creature, look it up) or sometimes a cross between all three, which is a real hoot, let me tell you! 

If you want all the details you should go to his MySpace page here, also you can go here, and if you are still interested then take a stroll over here. (That Paul is such a social butterfly, which is amazing because he hates everybody!)

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