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These days, short film ads are fairly ubiquitous. You know the sort: an ad disguised as a short film—which usually follows or precedes an ad about the same product— and presented as a story with characters and plot all wrapped around a-not-so cleverly hidden product placement.

Well, it seems David Lynch has jumped into this particular fray with obvious relish.  The results are really intriguing, and certainly the best of this genre of advertisement. Lynch is not new to the world of ads. He has done spots for coffee and perfume in past years, always with his particular cinematic eye, and this series of short film ads for Dior’s new line of handbags called LadyDior, are no exception. True, the product placement is utterly blatant (it always is), but it’s done in a way that is funny and silly, with that sort of offbeat, Lynchian perspective. The ads themselves are Lynch through and through; from the writing to the lighting and music, David Lynch has been given free rein to do what he does best. And the very hands on nature of these ads harkens back to his earliest short films and first feature; he not only writes and directs the pieces, but he works the camera, edits, writes music and does sound mixing. It’s all very beautiful and mysterious, and you almost forget that it’s an ad for a handbag, which I guess defeats the purpose in way.

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I Am the Camera Eye

It’s been awhile. A long while. The last short film I shot was 16mm sync sound, and that was years ago. Shooting on digital video certainly has it upsides; immediate feedback, no processing, etc. I was behind the camera for about half the shots, Aaron, the writer and director, the other half. Mine is Mine was made as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival (I’m fairly certain most major cities have a version of this). Teams have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film within a certain genre, and given guidelines. Rapid set-ups, one or two takes, no time for over-thinking compositions or shooting ample coverage. It was an interesting experience that was over before I knew it.

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