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In the grand tradition of super-sizing crappy fast-food combo meals, this Sunday night’s broadcast of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards will not only have an expanded Best Picture category (great, more movies about people struggling, dying, being really, really earnest, and or struggling at dying while being really, really earnest about it), the Oscars will have two hosts as well—Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin—because one host interacting with awkward and dumfounded presenters is just not enough. While Alec Baldwin is engaging in that smarmy used-car dealer way, it would be great to see Baldwin play straight-man to the much funnier and multi-talented Martin. Could this be another Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy juggernaut in the offing? Probably not, seeing as Steve Martin’s frenetic and howlinginly retarded stand-up stage persona is long gone, but one can only hope (not that I don’t enjoy his humor pieces for the Shouts and Murmurs section of the New Yorker, but there’s something wonderful about a guy doing an entire “bit” based around blowing up funny-shaped balloons). 

And really, who wants to see the ultra-banal James Cameron make a jack-ass out of himself yet again, when you can watch Steve Martin as the genuine article and actually laugh yourself pukey…

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