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  The Last Stand of the Unstoppable Daisy Black (1969)


Released in 1969, The Last Stand of the Unstoppable Daisy Black concerns a woman, Daisy Black,  the lead singer of an all-girl garage band which does covers of Swedish versions of Frank Sinatra songs. After an almost fatal motorcycle accident, Daisy Black is reconstructed with the latest in state-of the-art government cyborg parts thanks to the help her long time friend Dirk Benedict, (they’re just friends) an agent in a secret government cabal.

Meanwhile, a rouge scientist has ripped a hole in the so-called 5th dimension and released a horde of ASTRO-MONSTERS, beings for an appetite for HUMAN FLESH and Stove Top Stuffing, but especially HUMAN FLESH.

The government enlists Daisy Black’s help, and she must use her unique, robot-like powers as well as a sudden, unlimited knowledge of Kung-Fu to stop the dreaded ASTRO-MONSTERS. As we soon discover, the ASTRO-MONSTERS will stop at nothing to consume all of humanity.

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