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It seemed like in comic books from the 70s, everyone was obsessed with America, especially around the bicentennial. But it wasn’t the kind of knee-jerk patriotism of recent memory that informs nut jobs with too much time and too many guns. It was the campy, naive, over-the-top Technicolor silliness of Captain America, Wonder Woman, Evil Knievel and the Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Lad 76! is in that same vein. He is a superhero that loves freedom, that is a lad and that happens to run around in the mid-seventies eating fruit pies and buying mail-order Sea Monkeys.



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I’ve posted a few times about Ed Benedict and his amazing body of work, but I thought I post again because, well, each time a look at more of his designs I become inspired all over again.



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Another version of Stubbs the Cat.



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Here are a few icons of the average joe, the working slob that goes about their business without recognition or celebrity; they are the backbone, the very spleen of society: The hobo, the painter, the cowgirl and the gangster (hey, that sounds like a Peter Greenaway film!)





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