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This news is truly awful. David Foster Wallace was a brilliant writer who could pack humanity, nuance and humor into the description of a single moment. His writing was inspiring, thoughtful, deeply personal, amazingly complex at times, but always, always, engaging. He imagined everyday people in completely new ways. Wallace’s humanity, the humanity that he bestowed upon the page was perhaps his greatest gift. Unlike many writers, he carried no identifiable agenda, either politically or morally, he simply tried to bring to life a range of characters that in “real” world would have been marginalized and forgotten about. 

Like Donald Barthelme, David Foster Wallace’s writing had a great impact on how I write and how I view the act of writing itself. I reread a few of his shorter pieces this morning and was reminded again why his writing carried such profound weight for me. 

McSweeny’s is devoting it’s website for the forseeable to remembering this great author. The David Foster Wallace fansite, The Howling Fantods, also has many relevant links and disscusions.

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Hey, I’ve got a great blurb on one of the best literary sites out there, Maud Newton! There’s a link to the Catalouge in the “remainders” section of the site (sidebar). 

Maud’s writing is always thoughtful, incredibly articulate and a pure joy to read. It’s smart, savvy writing for anyone interested in books and the process of writing in general. If you are not already a fan of this site, then you MUST GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND CHECK IT OUT…NOW! I’ll still be here.

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