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 Below are pages from Dan Decarlo and Stan Lee’s version of the television show, “My Friend Irma”.  Back before Stan Lee was “The Man”, he and Dan Decarlo of Archie fame, joined forces to do this comic book version of the radio and TV show. The jokes remind me of a fast-paced Bob Hope routine, with the “dumb-blonde” running gag as the center-piece. There was also a movie version that came out later starring the unstoppable comedy force of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Although the compostions are pretty basic, as they are in most of DeCarlo’s comic book work, the amazing inking, his uncanny nack with the visual gag, great body language, and soild character design, all made for comics that were, and are, imensiely enjoyable to behold. He was one of the best “good-girl” cartoonists in the buisness (and his pin-up stuff for the men’s magazines of the day were equally, if not more amazing). I would love to track down more of these issues.




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