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A few more quick sketches of Hobo Hound. Kind of crummy, but I think his personality is becoming more obvious.

As I continue to work on defining the look of this Hobo Hound character I’ve been toying around with, his personality is now beginning to emerge. Hobo Hound is like Voltaire’s Candide, the innocent, sort of charging through life not really aware of all of the truly horrible things that are going on. To him, Hobo life is kind of honorable; riding the rails, living by your wits (although Hobo Hound is sort of witless). Pussy J. Cat, his friend, (no sketches of him as of yet) is more worldly, more jaded, sometimes psychopathic, but they get along, the classic odd couple relationship.

I’m hoping something will come out of this, because I like the world that is begining to emerge from these initial character designs. If not, I could always go into buisness making velvet hobo paintings.

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