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Ragazza di colore arancione

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Mock up of possible Titlecard/Presentation art for a cartoon character called, what else, Hobo Hound. Hobo Hound is a character I recently began toying around with. I’m currently working on defining his look (this is the first time I’ve actually done him up in color). I’m getting closer to something I like, although I’ll probably go through another few revisions before doing any actual model sheets (the presentation art obviously is a bit premature when I’m still working on his character, but I liked the idea for the titlecard and ran with it). Next, I’ll be working on the secondary characters, as well as back-stories etc.

The basic premise is that HH is a hobo circa the 1920s; he’s in love with a flapper, has a loyal pal, another hobo named Pussy J. Cat, and often runs afoul of an Irish beat cop named Shamus O’Faddlefop. President Calvin Coolige may even drop in once in awhile. There’s going to be jazz music, gangsters and, of course, hobos. There might even be a cow with noodely arms palying a ukulele. It’s a cast of thousands, really.

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